Eating out is something I love to do, it allows me to experience new foods and flavors that I otherwise might never try. I love to dance, it takes all the worries of daily life and puts them on pause. Shopping is my addiction and I haven't found a cure yet, electronics, clothes, home decor, it's all in!

I enjoy watching sports, Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Cowboys...wait what? Ok, stop the boooooing! I'm a die hard Cowboys fan and it has helped me deal with disappointment in life! LOL! Vacationing is a must, Mexico & Miami top the list for me. It's all about the music, the culture and SUN! Now it's your turn...

What is there really to know about me.... I share my life with the most amazing woman Nelly. Together we raise three children; Madison, Tyler & Alec. I'm an only child and come from a pretty small family but that just makes us all closer, I still see my parents daily.

I like to have fun in life, laughing and getting other people to laugh is something I love. Music is my therapy, I feel like there is a song for every event that has taken place in my life. Some people think I'm OCD but I like to call it super organized and clean. Okay, maybe it's a little OCD.